Walking though your pain




Sheryl created a place to speak it all out in her book “Walking Through Your Pain.” In a mind-renewing emptying-out experience, she tells her story in painfully graphic detail that allows you to – as the Indians say – walk in her moccasins, see what she experienced, feel what she felt, and then transform it all with her into the true spirit of the impassioned essence of her being.

The sweet little girl inside her cowered in the darkest, lowest corner of her soul, deeply saddened by the dervishes whirling on the outside, depressed with a sense of helplessness, driven to attempted suicide.  But the essential goodness inside that inner child, the intrinsic godliness of her soul, would not be mocked. She saw the light and she walked toward it, opening the pathways of hope and promise, forgiveness, and the unfoldment of self-understanding and self-love that propels her life today, counting the former trauma and ugliness as fodder for her new Self.


Author Sheryl Allen, once again takes her readers on a journey that is both uplifting and emotional stirring. Her insight into worlds many of us would never come to know is both intriguing and unnerving at times but always captivating. The read was quick, steady and one I was not ready to see end. I found myself pulled into each chapter and longing for more once I finished. This is definitely a must read to those who fell in love with her first book, “Walking Through Your Pain.” I know that there is more to be heard from this creative author whose goal is to teach lessons and dig deep into the reader’s subconscious and unearth their hidden strengths.


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