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About Shirley Woodward

Author of

Lifting the stones

Walking through your pain

Sheryl is currently an active Licensed Minister with a Prophetic thrust of wisdom in terms of the ministering the word of the Lord. Sheryl is one of the few remnant in the Abba's Apostolic Kingdom. "Let Thy Kingdom Come" upon this earth. She stands as a Woman of Grace, Stature and Favor of the Lord according to Acts 2:47.

Her speaking topics


  • Over Coming Traumatic Events
  • Support System
  • Climb your own Survival Moutain



  • Value who you are by Self Love
  • Overcoming Depression & Suicide

Who is Minister Shirley Woodward?

“Hush, hush! Don’t talk about it.” Sheryl Woodward was raised
with this secretive family standard masking all the suffering she
was silently internalizing during her formative years. But illicit
sexual encounters, child abuse, and domestic violence were like a
whirling kaleidoscope of pain inside the face with the silent mouth,
desperately in need of a voice for release.

Sheryl created a place to speak it all out in her book “Walking
Through Your Pain.’ In a mind-renewing emptying-out experience,
she tells her story in painfully graphic detail that allows you to – as
the Indians say – walk in her moccasins, see what she experienced.
feel what she felt, and then transform it all with her into the true
spirit of the impassioned essence of her being.

The sweet little girl inside her cowered in the darkest, lowest corner
of her soul, deeply saddened by the whirling on the outside,
depressed with a sense of helplessness, driven to attempted suicide.
But the essential goodness inside that inner child, the intrinsic
godliness of her soul, would not be mocked. She saw the light and
she walked toward it, opening the pathways of hope and promise,
forgiveness, and the unfoldment of self-understanding and self-love
that propels her life today, counting the former trauma and ugliness
as fodder for her new Self.

Keenly sensitive, Minister Shirley Woodward was awakened by
God, and purified by the fires of her life. She carries the message of
Survival to others who suffer as she did, because she is uniquely
qualified to support others in climbing their own survivor
mountains. Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, Sheryl has crafted a
vision for the future that involves inspirational and motivational
speaking and she has enhanced her corporate America career
through the acquisition of Christian Life Coaching Certification

As a Life Coach, Sheryl leans on her fire-burnished ethical
standards to aid others leading the same type of challenged life she
did to reach a place of courage, realism, compassion and strength as
she assists them to take each step out of the storm into a life of
health, wealth, success and harmony. She loves to use her
leadership skills plus consistent support to teach others they too can
create a vision – a Big Dream – for their life and that they do have
the ability to step away from a painful existence, craft a new life
strategy and then a plan to implement their dreams.

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