What are you putting in your spiritual and personal lifestyle bag? When people say that you are
worthless I want you to remember that’s their impression and personal truth which they believe
about you. Friends don’t accept that bitterness or inhale it in. You are somebody that has value
and you matter to God. Prove them wrong with your actions by packing your strength in your
spiritual and individual lifestyle bag. Why strength?

Strength will take you through every good time and every impossible bad time. Pack your
courage because it takes something to shake something that’s torn you down for years. Pack
your resilience so when people decide they want to kick you when they think you are down your
snap-back will be a surprise. I want you to STAND UP and show them and everyone else you
know how to adjust your CROWN.

Yes, your heart may be aching and your heart is and can be breaking because of what imbecile
stated. Although,no one was there to show you love or care you must reverse the cycle and
reject every perpetual thing that chooses to bring you hurt and pain. Hold your head up and
keep walking to get through why? Because I am confident and I personally know that you will
find your way through this euroclydon and storm.

Although you may not understand, please understand YAHWEH can and will always see you
through everything. I am telling you my name is Shirley and I refuse to allow you to give up on

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